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40 Weeks New Look!

For those astute junkies, you may notice the site has changed...again. The old site was a little trickier to update because I got a little too fancy pants with it. There were a lot of custom buttons and really just an clumsy setup behind the scenes.

I'm trying now to setup the site so that its as easy as possible to update but still prett fun.

Since the site is new, please let me know if I screwed something up. Report my mispellings, poor grammar, dead links, and the like! There are still a lot of photos and pages that haven't been updated yet and therefore aren't there. Give me a little while and they'll be up again. email me

Baby Walker is here! Born on January 3rd, 2006!
Meet Aidan Thomas Walker

Aidan was born at 10:56 on Tuesday night the third on January. He was 7lbs. 8oz and 20.75" long.

He is growing like a weed and developing quite a personality. You can keep track of him here.

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